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Welcome to bug’s world app

The world is full of animals, including insects and bugs. This app would help introduce young kids to bugs of all kinds. Big, small, crawling, jumping, colorful and creepy.

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Lots of exotic species that are in the rainforests, deserts and around the world. Children can have a fun experience pretend playing at the same time learn them through fun games and quizzes.


Bug's world

Develop curiosity for the world around you with information, vocabulary and interactive and fun game play.

Spelling & reading

Practice vocabulary and spelling by rearranging the letters to create the word

Puzzles & quizzes

Learn Problem solving skills through puzzles and match making games. Questions and quizzes from the concepts covered in the app. 

Fun facts and videos

Learn fun and age-appropriate facts of the bugs with books, videos and pictures.

Colorful graphics paired with profiles of each insect with facts such as diets, homes and more. Lots of videos with narrations created just for the little learners.


What Our Families are Saying

My kids love this app! I love that when they play, they are learning so much..

Thanks guys. This is great. My daughter loved playing this and is learning so much about bugs. I find myself exploring it too!

Hey Developers, Thank you for this app, my niece really loved this app and learning alot. Thanks